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Open Space Planning

Open space plays an important role in society by providing places for exercise, quiet reflection, appreciation of nature, children's play and organised sport. Open space planning is also critical to maintain and preserve vulnerable ecological corridors within the urban framework. Urban agriculture and community gardens are also important and often overlooked components. As our communities grow and change; greater attention needs to be placed on planning our open spaces to ensure that they meet our current and future needs.

Open space plans furthermore examine how existing open space may be managed more effectively, while they provide valuable information and conclusions for decision makers. 

I am a firm believer in Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes (CPULs). This design concept advocates the coherent introduction of interlinked productive landscapes into cities as an essential element of sustainable urban infrastructure. Central to the CPUL concept is the creation of multi-functional open urban space networks, including urban agriculture, that complement and support the built environment.


Past experience includes:​

  • Lead Landscape Architect for the Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo Open Space Plan for Marginalized Areas, 2014 (With Strategic Environmental Focus)

  • Lead Landscape Architect for the Mbabane Open Space Study, Swaziland, 2015 (With Strategic Environmental Focus)

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