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Site Analysis

‘Most of the resources we will need for upgrading are probably all in place, if only we could find them and mobilize them all.’

~ Nabeel Hamdi in 'Placemakers Guide to Building Community; 2010' ~



I believe that a thorough site analysis will set a firm foundation for the most informed, relevant and sensitive design response- ensuring its robustness and use into the future. 


Every piece of land has a vast story to tell, which needs to be respected. Intensive research needs to be carried through into the history, topography, ecology, services, and the previous as well as current community traditions and dynamics within a given study area. This allows one to present informed opportunities and constraints, while revealing the impetus for unseen potential.


Furthermore, clear, concise and updated mapping allows decision makers to quickly reach informed conclusions. 

Services may include:​

  • GIS analysis and story maps

  • Dashboard development

  • Historical archive research

  • Ecological analysis

  • Photographic analysis

  • Community interviews

  • 'Infographic' maps

Recent site analysis projects:​

  • Site analysis and open space, vacant lot, cemetery and road island scoresheet development for the Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo Open Space Plan (with Strategic Environmental Focus).

  • Servitude mapping and graphic display of the Walkerson's Hotel & Spa Water Use License (WULA); in association with Environmental Consultants International (ECI).

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