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Your Garden

A. Go ahead with it yourself


I offer garden consultations for general layout advice and direction; such as devising a suitable plant and material palette. This helps my clients to visualize their end goal as the garden establishes with time. Full installation services are also offered as the next phase, depending on one's budget. 

I generally charge a fixed call out rate (within the boundaries of Pretoria, additional charges apply to further surrounds); which includes a brainstorming discussion and resultant recommendations. 

Thereafter, options A, B, and C (or a combination thereof) below apply. 

* If one decides to go through with one of these options B & C; then the initial call-out fee is wavered!

Go ahead with it yourself and implement what we discussed in the initial consultation in your own capacity and in your own time.


I transform 'before'  photos into inspiring 'after' visualizations on Photoshop, as a result of our discussion and walk-about. This will help you keep focused on that vision you are aspiring towards! Species / material specs included. 


B. Before / after Photoshop visualizations


C. Draw to plan for implementation:


I draw up the plans and a coinciding Bill of Quantities (including a set of revisions) for  implementation.







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