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Hi there,

I'm Dominique, thank you for visiting!

Branch is a small-scale environmental and design company, started by myself in 2017. 

As a qualified Landscape Architect, custodian of this incredible planet earth, and devoted mom, I am passionate about celebrating, enhancing, restoring and preserving the beauty of nature, and leaving a growing mark for generations to come - no matter how small.


My main focus is design in nature's best interest, and the celebration of its beauty. Thoroughly researching every detail of a site in terms of its topography, natural vegetation, history and cultural heritage, I believe that all the answers of what needs to be done are already there- I am merely what I like to call an 'informed creative enabler'.


From macro-scale level I enjoy strategic planning and visualizing interconnected, ecological urban landscapes, down to framework and masterplanning level. Zooming in further, I am also capable of sustainable detail design and the marrying of textures, colour and seasonal plant palettes that enhance biodiversity. Multi-functional landscapes which include food security and edible landscaping is a huge passion of mine which I try to incorporate at all levels.

I love to write, to cook, to eat. A strong believer that our health, what is on our plate, and how we treat the earth are interconnected; I dream about having an impact on creating a more sustainable world.

The name 'Branch' is inspired by John 15:4: 'No branch can bear fruit by itself,' so join us and together let's produce something worthy to magnify the beauty of creation!

So enjoy perusing my site, I would love to work with you.

For more details, please download my CV, which is constantly updated. Visuals and more personal accounts on my instagram profile.

Dominique Breetzke

Master of Landscape Architecture ML(Prof)

University of Pretoria (2012)

Click the icon to download my full CV

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